GE-375 Carbon Dioxide Transmitter Sensor

GE-375 Carbon Dioxide Transmitter Sensor

Model No.︰GE-375

Brand Name︰A.YITE

Country of Origin︰Hong Kong

Unit Price︰US $ 200 / units

Minimum Order︰1 units

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Product Description

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GE-375W and GE-375D series carbon dioxide transmitters/controllers are designed for monitoring and controlling environment of industry and commercial buildings. They can be used in working house, clean room, laboratory,machine room, office, airport, parking lot, station and museum, etc. where air quality control is necessary. GE-375Wseries is suitable for wall mount installing while GE-375Dseries is suitable for duct mount installing.



High performance NDIR digital sensor and circuit, ensure precise measurement and temperature compensation

Stable and reliable

● 15 years sensor life without maintenance

● Fast response

Light and state of art housing, easy installation and wiring

Multiple output selection

● The MMI can set parameters and calibrate output, so that the product becoms a stand alone controller

Optional LCD display: LCD display panel can be ordered and installed in field separately (GE-375W). See details on MMI product.

Optional MMI operation panel Including LCD, integrated with function keys, can be ordered and installed in field separately (GE-375W). See details on MMI product.


* Sensor   NDIR sensor, with ABC algorithm (Automatic Baseline Correction)

* Sampling  Method       diffusion

* Accuracy        in models selection

* Response time      10s (30cc/min, low airflow)

* Drift       < 10ppm/year

* Range   0~2000ppm or others(0~5000ppm)

* Output  4~20mA,0~10V,RS485/Modbus

* Relay     2×SPST, 1A/30VDC,0.5A/125VAC

* Power supply         18~30VAC/DC

* Load resistance    <600ohm (Current output)  >2000ohm (Voltage output)

* Display  LCD Display   ( GE-375W optional)

* Display resolution          1ppm

* Working environment   0~50, 0~95%RH(Non-condensing)

* Storage temperature   -20~80

* Housing material  fireproof ABS

* Protection     IP30 (GE-375W), IP65 (GE-375D)



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